Get started on the path to an advanced marathon performance!

Never before has such a breakthrough, world-class training plan changed the lives of so many runners. If you’re serious about taking on the big race, you have to give Advanced Marathoning a try!

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Nobody wants to be that guy: gritting his teeth, stumbling, and
weaving his way through that final mile, a look of searing pain on
his face.

Sure, he finished. But there was no enjoyment in his marathon moment.

GOOD NEWS: Marathon success doesn't have to be filled with leg- and lung-searing pain

And it can actually be FUN and FAST!

Train long to go long.Let Advanced Marathoning show you how. Based on the latest in science-based training for serious runners, Advanced Marathoning is the most comprehensive and efficient approach to marathoning.

Advanced Marathoning BREAKTHROUGH: Know exactly how fast to do your long runs, what types of interval sessions to do, and how to schedule your hard workouts to get faster but also recover in time for your next long run.

The key to simply finishing a marathon isn’t a secret: Train long to go long. But when you want to race a marathon, Advanced Marathoning has all the answers to your not-so-simple questions. Exercise physiology research reveals that the fastest marathoners have a few key attributes in common: the ability to store large amounts of glycogen in their muscles, the ability to run fast for a long period of time, and the ability to send a large amount of oxygen to their muscles. The Advanced Marathoning training plan teaches you how to have these attributes too!

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More than just a training guide, Advanced Marathoning covers every aspect of the marathon, positioning you to not just finish 26.2 but RACE it in your best time ever! From the principles of a successful marathon to nutrition and hydration strategies, recovery advice, new ways to stay injury free through race day, and more, it’s your path to the race of a lifetime! You’ll discover:

And so much more!


Advanced Marathoning puts you on the path to your
strongest marathon finish.

You'll find 264 pages of expert-tested, runner-approved training wisdom that goes the distance. Includes 50+ pages of at-a-glance plans, charts, and graphs

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